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Hantuchova Blogs From Bali
September 12th, 2007

Hello again everyone!

Although I didn’t play any matches today, I did practice quite a bit. I had my first session at 8am, then another one around noon. The rest of the day I took it easy, just because I play singles and doubles tomorrow. One of the things we did later was get a Balinese massage in a resort close to the hotel, which was just great.

I love the culture here. The religion is all about being at peace with nature, a much different way of approaching life than I’m used to! It’s so simple, relaxed, and they appreciate the simple things. We’re all so used to rushing through life hoping to get certain things, which here are not necessarily as important as the simple things. Being here really makes you see that a little bit more. Obviously, the food here is wonderful too! The fresh juice… a perfect way to live life :)

Speaking of rushing through everything, there was my journey to Bali! From New York, I got to go home for one day – just to see family and catch up – and then it was time to come here. It wasn’t a very long visit but hopefully I’ll see them all again soon. Of course, New York was great. It’s a wonderful city, there’s always a lot of things happening. I don’t think there could be a bigger contrast between that city and this city. They’re two completely different places on Earth and both are really special. But for me right now, this is the place to be!

Lindsay won her first singles match back convincingly – but I’m not surprised. We practiced a few times already this week and she was hitting the ball really well. I was quite sure she was going to do well this week. Once a champion…

We have a good relationship. I’d say she is one of my friends on the Tour. My closest friends on the Tour are probably Martina Hingis, Ana Ivanovic and Ai Sugiyama. Martina and I come from the same place and we also spend lots of time practicing together. She’s just a great person to be around. Ana is a good friend, also. Ai Sugiyama is definitely one of my best friends. I try to be nice to everyone. It’s important, also when you’re playing doubles, to have a lot of fun.

Just like last year, I did the fashion show here this year. It was a fun experience and very easy to do. They try to make everything as easy and simple as possible for the players, which is great of course. I’ve done some modeling things outside of the Tour, too, for a change – but I’d never trade it for being a tennis player!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I play my first singles match, as well as my second doubles match with Lindsay. I’ll just be trying to do my best on the court as always. I have to be ready and do the right things. Hopefully it all goes well.

I’ll talk to you all afterwards!


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