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Pastika inagurated as Bali governor
August 29th, 2008

Denpasar (ANTARA News)- Internal Affairs Minister H Mardiyanto inagurated the Bali Governor and his deputy for the 2008-2013 term at the Bali provincial legislative assembly (DPRD), here Thursday.

During the inaguration for Made Mangku Pastika and AAN Puspayoga as the elected Bali governor and deputy in Bali election July 9 2008, the Minister attached the position pin.

The Australian Ambassador for Indonesia, Bill Farmer, former Tourism Post and Telecommunication Minister, Joop Ave, and a number of fucntionaries in KODAM IX/Udayana and Bali police department attended the high level security session.

The Bali DPRD Secretary, AA Made Sunendra adimted that high security level held on the council`s building surrounding during the inaguration.

“This level of security was intended to anticipate any unwanted possibility might occur,” he said.

The parking lot in the council`s building is limited for 200 cars only, the rest are placed at Renon office area, Denpasar,” Sunendra said.

Due to the distance from the parking lot to the council`s “house”, few invitees had to get there on foot.

Meanwhile, the situation outside the building was steadly in control and the weather in Bali was bright and clear.

Mangku Pastika/Puspayoga which suppprted by the Strugling Indonesian Democracy Party (PDIP) elected as Bali Govenernor and deputy after defeating their two pairs of rival candidates strugled in the election.

Tjokorda Budi Suryawan-Nyoman Gede Suweta (Golongan Karya Party/Golkar)and Prof Dr Gede Winasa-I Gusti Bagus Alit Putra (Bali resurrection coalition-KKB) were their rivals candidates.

In the DPRD special session led by the House chairman, the elected Ida Bagus Putu Wesnawa Mangku Pastika/Puspayoga took over from Drs Dewa Beratha/I GN Kesuma Kelakan which led Bali in the last five years.(*)

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Karma Estates opens in Bali
August 17th, 2008

The Karma Group, one of Asia´s most flamboyant and respected developers announces the opening of its first semi-independent Real Estate agency. Karma is renowned for its speed of sales and dedication to active marketing in an industry that traditionally relies on passive methods to attract potential buyers.

With the new Karma Estates brand, that´s all set to change as Karma will be offering the benefit of its marketing expertise to developers all over Asia.

The first Karma Estates office is based in Bali in the busy Oberoi area and is already attracting a flood of sellers wishing to take advantage of Karma´s reputation and sales skills. Paul Hogguer heads up the operation having come to Bali after stints in Spain and Russia where he cut his teeth in hotly competitive environments.

“More offices are set to follow as Karma spreads its wings and threatens to shake up the current status quo in real estate sales across the region,” Paul says.

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The St Regis Bali Resort to open in September
August 14th, 2008

The timeless, elegant and revered St Regis Brand is proud to present to global travelers its first resort in Asia, The St Regis Bali Resort. The resort will feature 81 over-sized suites, 42 splendid villas and 2 residences.

Developed on an 8.8 hectare land space, the resort location signifies a convenient union, being strategically situated on the pristine blue beach, overlooking the majestic ocean and green landscapes of the Bali Golf and Country Club, within the private enclave of Nusa Dua, also known as the Garden of Bali.

In a class of its own, The St Regis Bali Resort is unique and different with its location, flat and vast spaces and rich residential feel permeating its suites and villas.

Guests at The St Regis Bali Resort will experience and enjoy the height of luxury and comfort with the signature St Regis butler service, an indulging session at the exclusive Remede spa as well as culinary feasts at two extraordinary restaurants, a deli and a bar.

Targeted at international professionals, The St Regis Bali Resort has been developed as an oasis of carefully considered interiors that indulges one’s every sense through its facilities, ambience and cuisine.

The St Regis Bali Resort reflects landscape architecture from the early 1900s, inspired by the blending of art and nature with lifestyle and living, and features interior design that manifests a true element of style in the culturally rich, luxurious environment of Bali. The use of rich imported fabrics with indigenous materials and cultural artifacts runs through all the 81 suites, 42 villas and 2 residences. Filled with high-end room amenities, guests at The St Regis Bali Resort can relax and unwind in comfort.

The St Regis Bali Resort boasts of two restaurants, the signature fine beachfront dining, Kayuputi, a contemporary and relaxing indoor and al fresco dining venue located on the beach front with a stunning backdrop of the ocean, and a continental restaurant, Boneka, which offers a delectable fare reflecting Western and Asian inspired delicacies. Guests can also enjoy a one-of-a-kind delicatessen, Gourmand Deli which indulges in an array of international quality and fine foods including an extensive range of delectable delights and homemade specialties and King Cole Bar, the original birthplace of the Bloody Mary cocktail, which is ideal for relaxing and reminiscing.

The St Regis Bali’s grand Cloud Nine Chapel, located on the beach, offers an exceptional wedding venue, unparalleled in setting and service while the resort’s magical charm shines through with the Cloud Nine honeymoon villa. Meetings and gatherings can also be successfully materialised at the resort at the Astor Ballroom, John Jacob IV and Newport rooms.

Reflective of a sanctuary for world travellers looking to lift their cares away, the Remède Spa at the resort offers treatments which combine several exotic therapies using Balinese philosophies and the latest technology of Aqua-Vitale as well as an Athletic Club to work up a sweat.

A stay at The St Regis Bali Resort will leave an indelible memory of the extraordinary quality and standard of service symbolic of the St Regis legacy of excellence.

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Best Western to launch in Bali
August 13th, 2008

The international hotel chain has topped off the Best Western Premier Kuta Kedonganan with the opening of the new resort on schedule for February 2009.

The Best Western Premier Kuta Kedonganan is a beachfront property with 188 rooms overlooking Jimbaran Bay. The Hotel will be the first Best Western Premier Hotel in Indonesia and continues the company’s expansion plans for the country.

The 343-room Best Western New Kuta Condotel will open in Bali in December 2008 and four more hotels are in line to open in Indonesia in late 2008 and in 2009. They are the Best Western Basko Hotel, Padang (Nov 08), Best Western Manga Dua, Jakarta (Dec 08), Best Western Premier Solo, Solo (Feb 09), and Best Western Grand Saminyak (Sep 09).

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Build Your Bridge on Someone Else’s Island
August 8th, 2008

As reported on balidiscovery.com, plans to build a series of toll
roads to alleviate traffic congestion in South Bali have been plague with
funding and investment difficulties making it unlikely that the proposed
roads connecting Sanur and Tanjung Benoa, Kuta and Nusa Dua, and the
creation of a series of flyovers in Kuta will come to fruition anytime in
the foreseeable future.

Pouring further rain on the parade of those wishing to see a toll road and
bridge connecting Sanur and Tanjung Benoa (STB Project) were recent comments
carried in Radar Bali by the Chairman of Committee D of the Regional House
of Representatives for the City of Denpasar, I Ketut Ceteg Rurung. In his
“no holds barred” comments to the press, Ceteg made clear his strong
opposition to the Sanur-Tanjung toll road with its estimated cost of Rp. 1.4
trillion (US$151.5 million).

Ceteg told the press, “I have been opposed to the STB Project from the very
beginning because of its widespread (negative) impact.”

A native of Serangan Island, which would host one end of the proposed bridge
between Sanur and Tanjung Benoa, Ceteg told the press of a long-standing
property dispute between the Bali Turtle Island Development Corporation
(BTID) and local residents of the island. Complained Beteg: “Who really owns
the land at Serangan Island? If BTID is brave enough to claim the land as
its own, I will be among the first to file opposing charges.”

Ceteg told Radar Bali that the current ownership of Serangan Island remains
unclear. He went on to explain: “This is logic: if BTID says the land is
theirs, this means they must (by law) allocate 20% of the total land area to
Denpasar’s municipal government to be used for public facilities (fasum) and
social facilities (fasos).” To date, BTID has reportedly yet to allocate any
share of the land to the local government.

The local legislator warns that because of the unclear title to the island’s
lands, any development will be thwart with problems in the future.

And, if these complications were not enough, Ceteg, pointed to a building
prohibitions surrounding Serangan’s major holy site of Pura Sakenan plus the
densely populated nature of Tanjung Benoa, destined to serve as the other
end of the proposed bridge, which he believes cannot accommodate a major
toll road.

“Insisting that Tanjung Benoa’s sole access road of Jalan Pratama cannot be
widened, Ceteg went on to say: “If the STB toll road happens, it would
require a widespread evacuation of Tanjung Benoa. And, remember, there are
many sacred sites on Tanjung Benoa and many temples ­ not to mention mosques
and Chinese temples.”

Another local legislator and also a member of Committee D, Ida Bagus Gede
Sarjana, questioned how ships will continue to access Benoa harbor if the
new road and bridge are built. “We’ve never been invited to discuss this
project,” complained Sarjana.

Is the new toll road already under construction? Radar Bali reports that PT
Tunas Jaya Sanur has been granted access to the beach at Serangan,
supposedly to begin preparatory work for the toll road. Ceteg returned to
the lack of clarity on land title on the island, asking: “The access road
now in use – who does it belong to? I am a native of Serangan and know
exactly the history of the island. The access road now in use was a
cooperative project between BTID and the people of Serangan. It is not owned
by the government.”

Saying he was uncertain of the future fate of the STB, Ceteg reiterated his
complaint that the people of Serangan Island have not been consulted on the
project. Offering a possible solution, he said: “If you want to build a toll
road, it would be better to build one from Benoa to Mumbul. The distance is

less and it won’t disturb the Benoa Port operation.²

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Garuda Indonesia responds to Western Australia’s demand for Bali by adding new aircraft to the route
July 31st, 2008

Garuda Indonesia will place the newly delivered Boeing 737-800 Next Generation series aircraft on the Perth Bali route from 18 August, 2008.

This move is in direct response to the resurgence in tourism to Bali from Western Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the state recorded a 75% growth in holiday makers travelling to Indonesia in the first quarter of 2008.

From 18 August, Garuda Indonesia will add another daily service to the two flights that are currently operating daily (except Wednesday). And, from 3rd September, an additional Wednesday service will bring the total operation from Perth to Bali to triple daily, providing a growth in capacity of 61.5%.

This is in addition to four direct flights per week to Jakarta from Perth.

The daily flight commencing 18 August, GA725, will depart Perth at 1425 arriving in Bali at 1810. This will give West Australians the option of a mid afternoon flight to add to the daily morning flight which departs at 0715 (GA727), and the six times weekly evening flight GA729 departing at 1715.

Garuda Indonesia’s General Manager WA, Mr. Iskandar Basro said, “Western Australians have had an ongoing love affair with Bali for years, prompted by great value packages and a strengthening Australian dollar. The word is out that there is no other place in the world where you can holiday in luxury for such great prices.”

“The addition of a further 1248 seats by 3 September should go a long way to ensuring that Western Australians can continue this romance. “

The capacity increase from the West Coast follows Garuda Indonesia’s announcement last month of an additional 1013 seats per week being added to East Coast Australian routes to Bali by 3 September.

For further details Garuda Indonesia reservations can be contacted on 1300 365 330.

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Execution location found for Indonesian terrorists
July 29th, 2008

A site for the execution of three Indonesian men, convicted over the 2002 Bali bombings, has been surveyed by prison officials.

Indonesia’s government said earlier this week the executions of Amrozi, his brother Mukhlas alias Ali Ghufron and Imam Samudra could soon go ahead.

It is expected the execution will take place before the start of the Muslim fasting month in September.

The three Islamic militants who have been on death row since 2003, when a Bali court sentenced them to death for their roles in the nightclub bombings that killed 202 people, lost their final appeal last week and have said they will not seek a presidential pardon.

Bali prosecutors have not given the location of the execution site, which is believed to be near Nusakambangan prison, where the men are being held.

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