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Bali’s Harbors are Back in Business
March 12th, 2007

After paralyzed for 5 days by the exceptionally high waves of Lombok strait, the Padangbai harbors is now open. Though the weather is good and the crossing is smooth, a long queue of vehicles and passengers are still visible. Gilimanuk harbor is also opened since yesterday (3/11/2007). Activities in this harbor are also running smooth, no vehicle and passenger queue visible. From 24 ships available in this harbor for crossing, 21 ships are ready to serve the passengers.

Karangasem to Hold a Tourism Promo Tour to Miami
March 10th, 2007

The regent of Karangasem, I Wayan Geredeg and head of
Karangasem House of Representative Wayan Sukadana will hold a tourism promo
tour to Miami. This promo tour is
held to promote Karangasem as a destination to stop by for foreign cruise ship.
This tourism promo tour is a follow up action of last year tour. Last year
tourism promo tour brought significant effect to tourism development in Karangasem.
A 50% increase is recorded on the number of cruise ship that stopped by in Karangasem
each year. This increase also gave a significant increased to the number of
tourist visit to Karangasem last year. This year the Karangasem Tourism
Authority set an ambitious target on cruise ship visit ( 30 ships).

More Harbor and Airport Closing
March 9th, 2007

Due to the bad weather and exceptionally strong wind, the Gilimanuk harbor is closed down temporally since yesterday morning (3/8/2007). This temporally closing is the only way to prevent a sea accident due to the high waves. This closing creates along queue of vehicles and passengers. The government does not give any clue on how long this closing will last.

The Padangbai harbor in Karangasem is still paralyzed by 7m-high waves of Lombok strait. This harbour has been closed down since Tuesday, 3/6/07. The Selaparang Airport in Lombok is also closed down by the authority. All flight is cancelled since yesterday night (3/8/2007).

High Waves Paralyze Ferry Transportation to Lombok
March 8th, 2007

Padangbai harbor is paralyzed by the strong wind that sweeps Bali for days. This strong wind creates exceptionally high waves that paralyze ferry transportation to Lombok Passengers and vehicles have been waiting to cross the Lombok strait for 2 days (since Tuesday, 3/6/07) but there is no sign for a better weather. They prefer waiting for a better weather than taking a risk by crossing the turbulent sea.

Songket Exhibition
March 7th, 2007

Songket, Balinese luxury ceremonial clothes of gold brocade is on the edge of extinction. In order to prevent this dreadful extinction, Gianyar Industry and Commerce Board held a songket exhibition in Sri Rejeki Sulistyo’s gallery, at Kemang, South Jakarta. Jakarta was chosen as a venue for the exhibition since Jakarta is trend center of fashion as well as business center in Indonesia. This exhibition supported by many Balinese designers – Cok Abi, Tude, and Bintang Mira.

Massive Cultural Mission to China
March 6th, 2007

In accordance with 50th anniversary of Indonesia-China cultural relationship, 200 Indonesian artists especially with Chinese background will join a cultural mission to China. Jero Wacik, Indonesian Cultural and Tourism minister will lead this cultural mission to China on March 11, 2007. Various Indonesian and Chinese traditional dances and music will be performed by this cultural mission at Beijing Poly Theater on March 12, 2007 and at Shandong Theater Jinan on March 14, 2007. “This is the first massive cultural mission to China, and hopefully, it can increase the tourist visit”, said Jero Wacik.

More Fund for Tourism Promotion?
March 4th, 2007

Indonesian Culture and Tourism Department proposed a $13,500,000 additional budget to the government for tourism promotion. This additional budget for tourism promotion is needed to fulfill the ambitious tourist visit target (6 million visitors) declared by the Indonesian Vice President.

The Indonesian Culture and Tourism Department consider this additional budget is reasonable since to attract more visitors, a better promotional campaign is compulsory.

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