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Local Fruit is in Danger
February 7th, 2007

Salak or snake fruit, which is recognized by its teardrop shape and brown scaly snake-like peel is collapsing, the abundance of supply and low demand make the price of this unique fruit fall to the lowest level.

Many salak farmers in Karangasem regency chop down their salak trees and start to replace them with paddy. The collapse of salak is not the first sign of drawback of local fruit market. Balinese orange is the first casualty of this drawback.

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El Nino Moves to Kuta
February 2nd, 2007

‘Red tide’ a natural phenomenon caused by the El Nino-induced storm which moved from the Pacific Ocean to the Indonesian waters begins to move to Kuta Beach. Few dead fishes, similar to the intoxicated fishes that are found in Tabanan beach are found in Kuta beach. This phenomenon is not the first time happen in Kuta, every four years Kuta accepts hundreds of unwanted death fishes, ‘last four years even worse than this year’ according to a local newspaper. Local community immediately clears the beach from these unwanted dead fishes.

Battle for Nusa Penida
February 1st, 2007

Effective operation of Roro ferry crossing from mainland, Bali to Nusa Penida gives a significant effect to Nusa Penida Island. The number land acquisition by domestic and foreign investors especially from Australia is increased rapidly day by day.

Ketut Sukasta, a community leader in Nusa Penida, said that the most sought after lands in Nusa Penida are situated on the western part of the island especially in Suana, Sakti and Bunga Mekar area. The size of the land that is sought by the investor is varied between 5 to 15 hectares. Besides for construction of tourism accommodation, many investors initiate a service and trade establishment in this new found island.

Three sites in Bali for The World Cultural Heritage
January 29th, 2007

UNESCO has nominated three sites in Bali for The World Cultural Heritage. They are the Valley of Pakerisan River, Taman Ayun Temple and Rice fields in Jatiluwih, Tabanan. The nomination is based on the authenticity and the cultural content of the site.

The Pakerisan Valley is situated in Gianyar Regency, stretch along 20 km with terraced
rice field and the prehistoric and pre-Majaphahit archaeological sites including Pagulingan Temple, Mangening Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, Elephant Cave, and many other temples and archaeological sites.

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Bali is Overload
January 26th, 2007

“Construction of new hotel and villa in Bali has to be stopped” this agenda had been a serious topic in a meeting between Bali Tourism Authority and representation of Bali
tourism industry, yesterday (1/25/07). There are 52.000 hotel rooms in Bali and the daily arrival of visitors in Bali range from 3000 up to 4000 visitors. The great imbalance between the room availability and the arrival of visitors creates a low occupation rate, around 30% this month while to achieve a break event point the occupation rate should be higher than 35%. This situation will virtually lead many hotels into bankruptcy.

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Spirit of Bali is Released
January 25th, 2007

The three-day Global Peace Forum, a meeting, organized jointly by UNESCO and the Indonesian government in Jimbaran, Bali, that discussed ways to optimize the use of conventional and new high-tech forms of communication conference concluded on Tuesday with the issuance of the Spirit of Bali. The Spirit of Bali is a strong commitment to build a new mechanism through which media, information technology and emerging
means of communication can contribute to enhance mutual understanding among
peoples and cultures.

The meeting, involving 100 participants from 34 countries, proposed the establishment of a steering committee to explore the possibility of building the Power of Peace Network, connecting all member countries through communication.

Bali and India Signed an Agreement
January 22nd, 2007

Indian Ambassador to Indonesia Navrekha Sharma and Bali Governor Dewa Beratha signed an agreement to intensify cooperation between Bali  and India. This agreement includes a commitment to provide the land for a new Indian cultural center by Bali
administration and the Indian government provides scholarships to 20 Indonesian
students annually including for university graduate and post-graduate studies.

“The cooperation which could be further intensified includes tourism, culture and education,” Ambassador Navrekha Sharma said after the signing of the agreement.

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