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Twelve Honorary Consuls Support Ajeg Bali (Bali Standing Strong) Concept
June 13th, 2007

Twelve honorary consuls of foreign countries in Bali visited Bali Press Building “Ketut Nadha” on Tuesday, 6/12/2007. The honorary consuls were received by the head of Bali Post Media Group, Satria Naradha.

They expressed their support to the “Ajeg Bali” (Bali Standing Strong) concept, they also express their concern on the security of Bali and the safety of it residents. After the meeting, the honorary consuls also singed the “Ajeg Bali” pact which shows their support to the perseverance of Balinese culture.

The visiting consuls are Guiseppe Pino Confessa (Italia), Al Purwa (Dutch), Gusti Bagus Yudara (Mexico), Jurgen Schreiber (Republic Slovak), Jon P Jurcher (Swiss and Austria), Mira Chandra (Norway), Reihonld Jantzen (Deutsch), Bernard Haymoz (Chile), Graham James (Czechoslovak), Manuel Serrano (Timor Leste) and Loena Kanginnandhi (Denmark).

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