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Yeh Poh Estuary Certificate Issued under Pressure
April 26th, 2007

An interesting testimony appeared in a hearing session of Bali House of Representative, Wednesday (4/25/2007). This hearing session was held to investigate the Yeh Poh Estuary case. Bali’s governor, Dewa Made Beratha; Bali’s former governor, Ida Bagus Oka; Badung’s former Regent, I Gusti Bagus Alit Putra, and former staffs of Bali and Badung National Land Bureau as well as the member of the 1st commission of Bali house of Representative attended this hearing session.

In his testimony, the former head of Bali national land Bureau, Dewa Raka Saputra said that the land exploitation permission of the land around the Yeh Poh estuary was issued under the heavy pressure from the military official of Korem 163 Wirastya “If there was no pressure from the military official, the certificate would not be issued, said Dewa.

The land exploitation permission of the land around the Yeh Poh estuary which is owned by the investor, Bali Unicorn Corporation, Ltd is interesting, since the land is a sacred land that is dedicated for the religious purpose, and there should be no land exploitation permission is issued for a sacred land.

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